The Mer Bleue Vet Community

Connect with fellow veterinarians and animal lovers in our vibrant Vet Community. Share insights, seek advice, and celebrate the love for animals.


From trivia nights and cat toy workshops, to family appreciation day and photos with Santa, we believe getting to know each other and our animal companions makes visits to the veterinarian pleasant and familiar. Discover the next two months of social events:

The Home Away from Home Initiative

Location: Mer Bleue Veterinary Hospital
Time: Anytime During Opening Hours
Cost: $0

For Families and Their Dogs or Cats

If your furry friend is uncomfortable with the hospital environment, we encourage you to partake in our Home Away from Home initiative. Bring your friend in for a short visit to receive some love, cuddles, and treats from our team members. The more your furry friend associates Mer Bleue Veterinary Hospital with positive emotions and experiences, the easier it will be for them when they must visit to receive treatment. You can come anytime for a Home Away from Home visit, all that is required is you call to let us know your furry friend is on their way.

The Mer Bleue Vet Guided Tour

Location: Mer Bleue Veterinary Hospital
Time: Appointment During Opening Hours
Cost: $0

For Families

Ever wondered what your furry friends see when they leave the exam room? The Mer Bleue Vet Guided Tour will give you access to our medical area. Get a glimpse of our team hard at work caring for our patients. Learn about the equipment and methods we use to diagnose your furry friends, keep them safe throughout procedures, and make them comfortable during their stay with us. Discover where surgeries, radiographs, and dental cleanings take place. To explore the inner workings of the Mer Bleue Veterinary Hospital, please contact us.


From fledgling to veteran families, we offer you the knowledge to perfect your caregiving awesomeness. Explore the next two months of educational events.