Pet Dentistryat Mer Bleue Veterinary Hospital in Orleans, ON

Many pet owners may overlook the importance of dental care for their furry companions, but dental disease is a prevalent issue among our beloved pets. Left untreated, it can cause significant pain, affecting their ability to eat and enjoy a comfortable life. At Mer Bleue Veterinary Hospital in Orleans, ON, we understand the significance of pet dentistry in ensuring the well-being of your four-legged family member.

dog showing teeth

When to Tell if a Pet Needs Dental Care

Identifying the need for dental care in your pet involves paying attention to certain symptoms:

  • Difficulty chewing or eating
  • Excessive drooling
  • Bad breath
  • Red or swollen gums
  • Visible tartar or plaque on teeth

If you observe any of these signs, it’s crucial to consider professional pet dentistry services.

Our Approach to Pet Dentistry

Mer Bleue Veterinary Hospital offers a comprehensive range of dental services to address various issues, from routine cleanings to advanced procedures. We believe in preventive care to avoid severe dental problems, including plaque, tartar, gingivitis, and gum loss.

Key Services and Benefits:

  • Dental Cleaning: Regular dental cleanings every few years are essential for maintaining your pet’s oral health.
  • Preventive Measures: We discuss tools such as teeth brushing, special dental treats, prescription dental diets, and water additives to prevent dental issues.
  • Full Dental Scaling and Polishing: When preventive measures are insufficient, a full dental scaling and polishing become necessary.

Unlike awake dental procedures, proper veterinary dental care requires a full general anesthetic to ensure a thorough and effective treatment. We understand the concerns about your pet’s well-being, and oral sedatives are administered at home before the procedure to reduce fear and anxiety levels.

Advanced Procedures and Considerations:

Not all dental problems are visible on the surface, and we prioritize a complete evaluation. Dental radiographs are taken to assess the root of every tooth and detect issues beneath the gums. In cases where teeth are severely affected, we perform surgical extractions under local injections, intravenous pain drips, and general anesthesia to ensure your pet’s comfort.

If a dental issue requires specialized techniques, we may recommend a referral to a veterinary dentist.

At Mer Bleue Veterinary Hospital, we are committed to providing exceptional pet dentistry services to your furry friend’s unique needs. Ensure your pet’s oral health with our professional and compassionate care.