Pet Medical Services at Mer Bleue Veterinary Hospital in Orleans, ON

We at the Orleans, Ontario Mer Bleue Veterinary Hospital recognize that your pets are more than simply animals. They are treasured members of your family. Pet health problems can range from minor ailments like ear infections to more severe illnesses like life-threatening malignancies, even with our best efforts. During these times, our committed staff can offer complete veterinary care catered to your pets’ particular needs.
a cat taking medical services

Customized Therapy Schedules

At Mer Bleue Veterinary Hospital, patient care comes first, not simply illness treatment. Since each pet is unique and has different health needs, we create individualized treatment regimens for each. It’s possible that a treatment plan that suits one patient won’t work for another, and we pride ourselves on giving you honest advice.

In-House Diagnostic Capabilities

Equipped with advanced in-house diagnostic equipment, we conduct a range of tests to pinpoint and understand your pet’s health issues accurately. From blood and urine testing to radiographs, abdominal ultrasounds, and specialized skin and eye testing, our capabilities cover a spectrum of diagnostic needs. These tests enable us to delve into the root causes of your pet’s health concerns and guide us in formulating effective treatment strategies.

External Laboratory Partnership with IDEXX

For specialized blood or diagnostic tests, we collaborate with IDEXX, a trusted external laboratory partner. IDEXX allows us to conduct intricate tests, including needle aspirates of growths or tissue samples, evaluated by expert pathologists. Our partnership extends to accessing consultations with a network of specialists such as internal medicine specialists and dermatologists. This collaboration ensures that your pet receives the highest care and expertise.

Expert Referrals for Complex Cases

While we strive to address a broad spectrum of health issues, there are instances where a diagnosis remains elusive or the required treatment exceeds our capabilities as general practitioners. In such cases, our commitment to your pet’s well-being leads us to recommend referral to a local board-certified specialty veterinarian. This ensures your pet receives specialized care from experts equipped to handle complex and intricate medical situations.

When to Seek Pet Medical Services

It’s critical to identify the warning signals that suggest your pet needs medical treatment. Pay attention to your pet’s well-being, from little behavioral changes to more apparent indications of discomfort. Seeking our pet medical services can offer prompt intervention and assistance if you see abnormal behavior, unexplained pain, or chronic problems.

Finally, Mer Bleue Veterinary Hospital in Orleans, Ontario, is dedicated to offering thorough and kind pet care services. Our focus on individualized treatment plans, internal tests, working with outside laboratories, and professional recommendations guarantees that your pet will receive the best care possible during their medical journey. Please put your trust in us to work with you to preserve the health of your cherished pets.