Pet Preventive Medicineat Mer Bleue Veterinary Hospital in Orleans, ON

At Mer Bleue Veterinary Hospital, we aim to provide complete preventative medicine so that your cherished dogs enjoy happy, healthy lives. We aim to recognize and prevent any health issues at an early age, and this dedication extends throughout all phases of life. A key component of our strategy is the yearly physical checkup, which is an essential first step in protecting your pet’s health.

a cat taking preventive medicine

Yearly Physical Examination: A Vital Diagnostic Tool

The cornerstone of our preventive medicine strategy is the yearly physical examination. This seemingly straightforward process yields invaluable insights, enabling us to detect early signs of various diseases. During this thorough examination, we meticulously check for heart murmurs, skin lumps, abnormal abdominal organs or masses, common issues like skin or ear infections, and dental diseases.

Personalized Advice Depending on Lifestyle

Understanding that each pet is unique, our preventive medicine protocol involves a personalized discussion about your furry friend’s lifestyle. This conversation guides us in offering tailored recommendations that prioritize your pet’s specific needs and risks.

Vaccines: Proven Protection Against Fatal Diseases

Our preventive medicine arsenal includes vaccines with a long and proven safety record. These vaccines are designed to protect your pet from potentially fatal diseases, some of which can also be contagious to humans. By staying current on vaccinations, you contribute to the overall well-being of your pet and create a safer environment for your family.

External Parasite Prevention: Shielding Against Common Culprits

To counter external parasites such as ear mites, fleas (and the tapeworms they harbor), skin mites, and ticks known carriers of diseases like Lyme Disease we provide effective preventive measures. Our goal is to keep these nuisances at bay and prevent them from posing threats to your pet’s health.

Internal Parasite Control: Safeguarding Health, Protecting Humans

Internal parasites, often contagious to humans, pose a considerable risk to your pet’s health. Our preventive medicine program includes measures to treat and prevent intestinal parasites and heartworm, a mosquito-transmitted parasite that can lead to heart failure.

Early-Detection Testing: Proactive Health Monitoring

Our commitment to early intervention extends to comprehensive blood and urine tests. These tests are designed to identify underlying health issues, such as kidney disease, liver disease, diabetes, and thyroid disorders, in their early stages. Early detection not only simplifies and minimizes the cost of treatment but also reduces stress for both your family and your furry friend.

Proactive Approach to Common Issues

Our preventive medicine approach targets common problems such as obesity, osteoarthritis, and dental disease, in addition to particular disorders. We aim to prevent excessive wear and injury to your pet’s teeth and joints by taking care of these issues as soon as possible.

To sum up, at Mer Bleue Veterinary Hospital, we stress the value of preventative care in order to secure the health and life of your animal friend. Our strategy is based on in-depth analyses, tailored recommendations, and an early interventionist mindset. By working together, you can help your beloved pet live a longer, healthier life.